about us:

       We offer a dirt bike and quad rental and we have more then 15 years of experience. We refer to our work with high responsibility and our goal is to offer a quality service, which in this case also means security. The quality of bikes and safety equipment in combination with instructor experience reduces the risks of injury. We want your leisure to be successful and your (probably the first) experience on a motorcycle or ATV will not result in unpleasant surprises, but with new skills and good impressions. So we have created a compact track only 30km from Riga city and 14 km from Sigulda. In our track you can relax, charge up or learn new skills..

            KMH track is one of the most popular ATV rental recreational parks in Latvia. If you travel to Latvia take a chance and visit us, you will spend your time great and having lots of fun for sure. Let's do some mx rides or quadbiking!

KMH team.

We offer to learn basic skills.

If you haven’t ever ridden a motocross bike or quad, then you have a great opportunity to do it. We have the training ideal small motorcycles and quads and experienced instructors. Everything that you have to do is to call and book your time.

Conditions of Use of Leased Motorcycle and Quadricycle on the track of SIA KMH


   The following conditions shall be binding upon the user of the leased quadricycle, hereinafter - the Lessee, and he shall undertake to fully comply therewith:

1.     The Lessee shall be strictly forbidden to:

1.1 enter the track without a protective helmet;

1.2 arbitrarily start the motorcycle or a quadricycle;

1.3 arbitrarily change the established riding direction;

1.4 cause deliberate collisions with other riders;

1.5 deliberately delay other riders;

1.6 ride outside the indicated territory of the track;

1.7 use the leased motorcycle or a quadricycle under the influence of alcohol or other psychotropic substances.

2.     The Lessee shall:

2.1 prior to entering the track, familiarize himself with the delivered motorcycle or quadricycle and specifics of its operation;

2.2 prior to entering the track, familiarize himself with the track intended for riding and verify the riding direction;

2.3 keep safe distance from other riders to avoid collision.

3.     You may enter the track only with the staff permission.

4.     Immediately leave the track after the signal given with the finish flag or at the instructor’s request.

5.     If the aforementioned conditions are not complied with, the ride shall be immediately terminated without a right to resume it, and the paid rent shall not be returned.

6.     The Lessee fully understands all possible consequences that may arise during the use of the leased motorcycle or quadricycle, as well as assume full responsibility for any suffered trauma.

7.     The Lessee shall assume full responsibility for any damages caused to himself, the Lessor or third parties as a result of the failure to comply with the conditions, his negligence, lack of riding skills or any other reason.

8. The Lessee shall fully cover all costs related to repairing of the leased motorcycle or quadricycle and damaged spare parts if the motorcycle or quadricycle is damaged due to the Lessee’s fault during the time while it is managed by the Lessee based on the Lease Agreement.

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